Recognizing Dialogue Content in Student Collaborative Conversation

Submitted to the International Conference on Intelligent Tutoring Systems, 2010, Pittsburgh


This research asks how we can support meaningful and successful participation in mathematics for all students. Certain groups of students (African-American, Hispanics, women, and particularly women of color) score significantly lower in standardized achievement tests and these scores have significant impact in a student's future. We studied the effectiveness of a math fact fluency tool integrated with an intelligent tutor as a means to improve student performance in such tests. Efficacy data shows improved student performance on tests and positive impact on learning. The study evaluated the impact of Math Facts Retrieval Training (MFRT) on 250 middle school students and analyzed the main effects of the training by itself and also as a supplement to the Wayang Tutoring System on easy and hard items of the test. We also report on interaction effects of MFRT with student gender.