Tutor Topics:


Wayang Outpost









Interactive Tutors:


  • The study and description of motion, without regard to its causes

Injection Molding

Finite Element Analysis


  • Stamping
  • Strip Layout
  • Die Casting
  • Forging

Spatial Reasoning

Technical Drawing:

  • Drafting for technical and mechanical illustration

Rotation Drawing:

  • Mechanical drawings depicting movement around a vertical axis


  • Shaping metal by using localized compressive forces

Die Casting:

  • A process for producing engineered metal parts by forcing molten metal under high pressure into reusable steel molds


  • An Interactive Case-Based Computer Program for Inquiry Teaching in a variety of displines.

Why the name RASHI?


RASHI in Action






Mathematics Preparation Tutoring

Bayesian Networks and Linear Regression Models of Students' Goals, Moods & Emotions
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Sensing Student Emotion and Responding Appropriatly
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Emotoin Sensors Go To School
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Affective Gendered Learning Companion
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Viewing Student Affect and Learning through Classroom Observation and Physical Sensors
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Affect-Aware Tutors: Recognizing and Responding to Student Affect
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Repairing Disengagement With Non-Invasive Interventions
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Improving Intelligent Tutoring Systems: Using Expectation Maximization To Learn Student Skill Levels
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Customizing a Multimedia Tutor for Students Preparing to Take High Stakes Achievement Tests
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Students in AWE: changing their role from consumers to producers of ITS content
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Effects of web based tutoring software on students’ math achievement
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Authoring and Sharing word problems with AWE
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The AnimalWatch project: Providing adaptive teaching for students and adaptive support for teachers
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A Formative Evaluation of Animalwatch. 
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