Tutor Topics:


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Interactive Tutors:


  • The study and description of motion, without regard to its causes

Injection Molding

Finite Element Analysis


  • Stamping
  • Strip Layout
  • Die Casting
  • Forging

Spatial Reasoning

Technical Drawing:

  • Drafting for technical and mechanical illustration

Rotation Drawing:

  • Mechanical drawings depicting movement around a vertical axis


  • Shaping metal by using localized compressive forces

Die Casting:

  • A process for producing engineered metal parts by forcing molten metal under high pressure into reusable steel molds


  • An Interactive Case-Based Computer Program for Inquiry Teaching in a variety of displines.

Why the name RASHI?


RASHI in Action





Microbiology Animations




D N AClear 3D animations of molecules involved in the DNA/RNA processes allow students to learn molecular structures and to manipulate molecules to create atomic bonds. Rich animations provide support for an entire undergraduate course in molecular biology.



A Protein Synthesis Tutor was directed at retraining defense industry engineers for jobs in the biotechnology industry. This work focused on manufacturing practice, synthesis, and problem-solving in the production of proteins through the interaction of DNA and RNA. This project was expanded with an National Science Foundation ILI grant to develop similar tutoring modules for an entire undergraduate course.


Shil DasSarma, Stacy Ciufo
Department of Microbiology

Beverly Woolf, Dan Neiman Rob, Dave Gosselin
Department of Computer Science

Massachusetts Bioengineering Center


The Virtual Molecular Lab (VML) grew out of a collaboration with Microbiology Department personnel with support from National Science Foundation grant no. DUE-9551531 to S. DasSarma